$1,000,000 Presentation – Police Legacy

CFK donation of $30,000 to Police Legacy marking the millionth dollar raised and donated by CFK members.


On Thursday the 19th of October 2017 Cops for Kids celebrated an extraordinary milestone.  As of that day, Cops for Kids had raised and donated to the children of South Australia




The generosity of Cops for Kids members has been amazing and every member should feel extremely proud of what has been achieved over the last eleven years. Their donations have had a massive impact in the lives of sick and underprivileged children in South Australia. 


The landmark donation was a poignant one as it was made for the ‘police family’. 


Cops for Kids and Police Legacy have partnered to form a special grant program that will care for the children of deceased South Australia Police (SAPOL) members. 


$30,000 has been donated by Cops for Kids to Police Legacy to care and assist with Police Legacy Wards via a special grant program.  This will benefit the families of SAPOL members who have suffered through the trauma of losing a parent. 


Sadly, SAPOL have too many recent incidents where a  member has died leaving their families devastated.  The work undertaken by Police Legacy with these families is incredible.  Cops for Kids is honoured to assist.    


Mending a policewoman’s broken heart: Cops for Kids, SA Police Legacy wrap around family


In light of this landmark donation it’s timely to reflect that Cops for Kids is not one person.  A large amount of people are responsible for the success of Cops for Kids, be they members, mates, family friends or businesses that have stepped forward to help. We are the prime example of what collective fundraising can do and are the envy of many charities. 


The Cops for Kids Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank each member for their contributions and look forward to raising the next million dollars.

For more information on the top work of Police Legacy check out Police Legacy’s website and be sure to follow them on the Police Legacy – Facebook page