Australian Pain Society Grant #3 and Kidsafe donations


CFK has forward the last instalment of our $90,000 commitment to support clinical paediatric research in partnership with the Australian Pain Society (APS) and the Australian Pain Relief Association (APRA) in the provision of funds for the CFK/APS/APRA research grant.  This is the only paediatric research grant in Australia.  This study has also been published in various medical journals and newsletters.  Check out the Australian Pain Society.


CFK has also donated $27,450 to Kidsafe, the leading non-government, charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional death and serious injury to South Australian children.  CFK has partnered with Kidsafe to fund a Statewide education program for the prevention of driveway deaths.  In 2011 CFK and Kidsafe were involved in a similar campaign which reduced the annual average of driveway runovers to (0 to 1) each year.  In the last 20 months, there has been 5 driveway fatalities.  Every death is a tragedy and is attended by SAPOL/ CFK members usually as first on scene.  It will be the goal of the campaign to reinforce this important safety message to ensure no family has to endure the pain of the loss of a child that is preventable.  More information about Kidsafe can be found at