Fire Engine Pull

160315 Fire Engine Pull 2
The teams – Australian Professional Firefighters Foundation vs Cops for Kids

We had a fantastic time competing against members of the Australian Professional Firefighters Foundation (APFF) on Tuesday morning! The Fire Engine Pull between CFK members and APFF was filmed at the Torrens Parade Grounds and will be broadcast during the TeamKids Beyond Bank Easter Appeal. A huge thanks to all the CFK members that participated in the competition and those who came to provide support and encouragement.

The TeamKids Beyond Bank Easter Appeal aims to raise $2,000,000 for the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation and will be broadcast on Channel 9 from 5pm on Good Friday (25 March).

Make sure you watch to find out who won!

For more information on the Easter Appeal or to donate visit

160315 Fire Engine Pull 3
Ready Set Go! The teams getting ready before the start of the Fire Engine Pull