Police Legacy, Foodbank, Noorla Yo-long & Operation Flinders.

CFK has made several recent donations to extremely worthwhile causes and charities over the last month.


Police Legacy have received $6,541 to ‘top up’ the Wards Wellbeing Fund.  This extends the Fund for a third year so each child of a deceased SAPOL member can access a grant to support their health, welfare, development or education.   For more information on teh great work Police Legacy do visit https://policelegacysa.org.au.


Foodbank (SA) received $15,000 from CFK to fund the Young Women’s Program which aims to provide young women between 10-17 years of age with a pack containing a weeks’ worth of essential sanitary items in a discreet toiletry bag. Schools will be able to order the packs to have on hand to provide to students needing products.  The packs will also benefit all young women attending Foodbank SA Food Hubs and youth support agencies across South Australia. https://www.foodbanksa.org.au/ .


The Noorla Yo-Long Blue Light camp has received $15,000 to continue to build infrastructure and vital services for use by groups who engage with youth at risk and build resilience.  Their reach extends from all over SA and Western Victoria.  See  https://www.noorlayo-long.com.au/  for more information.


Operation Flinders has received $16,500 to continue its vital work in the development of at-risk youth from across the State.  These funds will be used to ensure a group from Ceduna can participate in the Operation Flinders program.  If it was not for the CFK funding, this group from Ceduna would not be able to attend. https://operationflinders.org.au/


With these donations we have now given away over $1,300,000 to support sick and underprivileged kids in SA.