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What we do...

We engage with other organisations whose work and programs significantly assist and add to the quality of kids’ lives. We see ourselves as joint partners with our members and the various organisations who help us realise our goals. Our donation recipients are spread across a wide range of children’s interest groups – health, education, safety, arts, sports and research. Donations

At Cops for Kids, we look for new opportunities, affiliations and projects that will complement our important work and make a real and direct impact on young lives.

Police officer with child
How we began

How we began...

Cops for Kids was born out of a deeply personal experience. The founder Drew Bynoe’s son encountered breathing difficulties, leading to treatment in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Living through this challenge, watching his own son’s battle and the heart-breaking situations facing other families, Drew felt compelled to act.

During his career, Drew had witnessed first-hand, the remarkable compassion, generosity and teamwork exhibited by SAPOL members in their fundraising efforts for children, so he established a payroll deduction scheme and enlisted his colleagues at the Port Adelaide Police Station. 

From an initial concept named “Port Cops for Kids” and 70 members, our collective fundraising group now comprises of almost 2,000 members of SAPOL, all of us united in our commitment to making a lasting difference.

How we operate...

Cops for Kids is a registered children’s charity based in South Australia. Our membership comprises both sworn and unsworn, current and former employees of the South Australia Police who generously donate to our cause through a voluntary workplace giving initiative.  

The Cops for Kids Board manages contributions on behalf of our members and donates funds to registered charities or researchers. 100% of member contributions are donated.

Our minimal administrative overheads were previously personally covered by the Board Members themselves. However, thanks to the generosity of the public, clubs and SAPOL employees, we have received specific donations that compensate our operating costs.

In 2017 CFK were recognised in the national Australian Charity Awards receiving an ‘Outstanding Achievement Award‘.  CFK were judged against charities Australia -wide in the areas of innovative, well-managed, high-performing charitable initiatives. The World Business Awards Framework was utilised as a structured model of assessment that enabled the participating organisations to be bench-marked against world class performance standards.  CFK were the only state-based volunteer committee recognised in the awards in 2017.

For the 2018/19 financial year, Cops for Kids raised more than $178,000 and donated to 13 charities.

police officer with child
Police officer walking holding child's hand

Why we do it...

Through our work, we see the impact that disadvantage and inequality have on our society.

We know that our community engagement and our partnerships positively influence change.

We are dedicated to making a difference to the lives of children.

We are South Australian based and South Australian focused.

We are Cops for Kids.