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Novita – Play Time Therapy Room

CFK has donated $30,000 to Novita, a fantastic organisation who provide a tailored approach to therapy designed to support kids living with disability to reach their full potential.  A new Novita therapy hub is being built in the southern suburbs to facilitate Novita’s activities with children.  Monies will be allocated to fund the “Play Time Therapy Room”.  This new facility will service the nearly 1,000 young South Australians with special needs who live in the southern metro/outer suburbs.  Support is tailored to develop learning capacity, confidence, independence and to realise their full potential.  Novita will fit-out a specialised Play Time Therapy Room featuring a climbing wall, play equipment, cubby house, building blocks, art therapy tools, specialised sensory equipment and a host of interactive games. The room will be supervised by trained therapists with expertise in building the capacity of children living with disability to help them develop vital life skills.  For more information, please visit Novita

Novita was the very first charity CFK donated to 15 years ago (January 2007).  That donation was $500.