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Backpacks 4 SA Kids – Anchor Packs

Backpacks 4 SA Kids logo

CFK have donated $14,000 to Backpacks 4 SA Kids to purchase 100 Anchor Packs which are geared towards young people aged 12-25 years experiencing primary or secondary homeless. These young people are highly vulnerable to danger, violence, sexual exploitation, illicit drugs, other unlawful behaviours, and compromised mental health and well-being. They often are not well linked with agencies which could offer support, advice and positive pathways for the future, and many of them have not accessed financial support (for example from Centrelink) due either to reticence to engage with authorities, or low levels of literacy and numeracy which makes such access difficult without an advocate.  Unfortunately the need for these types of packs has significantly increased in the last twelve months. Backpacks 4 SA Kids is where to find more information.