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Can:Do 4Kids Quietly Achieving

Can:Do 4Kids is South Australia’s leader in hearing, vision and development services for children and have been doing so for nearly 150 years.  Can:Do 4Kids have been long time partners with Cops for Kids and we continue to assist them to support children in need.

Can:Do 4Kids moved into updated facilities at Port Road, Hindmarsh to be able to significantly improve their services to the vision and hearing impaired children’s community.  Unfortunately the rooms were noisy and reverberant, making it extremely difficult for children with a hearing loss to hear clearly and they were unable to progress their Auditory Verbal Therapy.  This type of therapy helps children with hearing loss develop their listening and spoken language skills.  

Due to our ongoing partnership Can:Do 4Kids reached out to Cops for Kids to assist funding the purchase of specifically designed acoustic curtains.  Cops for Kids donated $15,000 for this purpose.

The curtains have radically improved the acoustics of the therapy and groups rooms absorbing sound waves, reducing reverberation, and creating a quieter and more comfortable environment.  Children with hearing loss have displayed an improvement in listening and spoken language skills, increased confidence in their communication abilities, reduced frustration and anxiety, and improved overall quality of life due to better progress in therapy and reduced auditory fatigue.

This donation has allowed the best possible environment for children with hearing loss to develop their skills.  To learn more about the services of CanDo: 4Kids, please see