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Fighting Cancer with UniSA and Charlie’s Rainbow

The University of South Australia is conducting research to fight childhood cancer and brain tumours.  Cops for Kids is supporting that research with a $36,100 donation after being told the story of Charlie’s Rainbow.

Charlie’s Rainbow was founded by Kelly, Mum of Charlie.  At 17 months old, Charlie was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML).  Charlie sadly passed away at three years old.  Kelly founded Charlie’s Rainbow to raise funds for paediatric cancer research at the University of South Australia in his memory.  

After contacting Charlie’s Rainbow and the University of South Australia (UniSA), Cops for Kids Chairperson Drew Bynoe sat down with the front-line researchers.  They took the time to explain their research, which involves developing specialised cell therapies for use in childhood AML, which to say the least, is extraordinary. 

On behalf of the UniSA researchers, the Cops for Kids Board received an application for the establishment of specialised laboratory equipment and facilities to support this crucial research.  The equipment and facilities will be used to manipulate live cancer and immune cells, enabling researchers to test and optimise these new therapies.  One of the most important requirements is a ‘Tissue Culture’ laboratory; a specialised space for handling, purifying, and growing live human cells.

The donation ensures the establishment of the Tissue Culture Facility that UniSA intends to name in honour of the members of Cops for Kids.  This project is seen by UniSA as a significant step in the development of immunotherapies and in the treatment of serious cancers affecting children.  All Cops for Kids members can be extremely proud of our involvement with this project.