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Heartkids & Relationships Australia SA

CFK has given a $20,000 donation to Heartkids SA.  The donation will support families travelling interstate for life saving heart surgery (not available in SA) with the Care Bag program.  These bags are provided to families to support them when interstate and contain a vast number of necessary items to assist families.  Our donation will fund this program for at least three years.  More information about Heartkids can be found at Heartkids SA


This donation was made in the memory of baby Lincoln, a member of the Sapol family and a Heartkids angel.


CFK has also donated 20 copies of the book, The Life Of Tree” to Relationships Australia SA.  This book is aimed at Aboriginal children to help develop understanding and resilience in the face of domestic violence and trauma using the therapeutic suggestions included in the book.  These books will be used as a resource in the APY lands to assist the local communities.  Relationships Australia SA have worked on the APY Lands for 12 years in various programs, with families and young children, providing a focus on sharing information that can unite with cultural ways of “Many Eyes Parenting” to improve the outcomes for children and parents.   Click the link to read more about The Life Of Tree