Mary Potter Foundation – ‘Backpacks of Love’ Program

Mary Potter Foundation logo

Cops for Kids have donated $5,000 ($10,000 per 2 years) to the Mary Potter Foundation to support their ‘Backpacks of Love’ program.  This program supplies a backpack to a child who parents/grandparents/loved ones who are in end of life care at the Hospice.  The child is provided with a colourful bag and chooses contents such as a colouring book, pencils, journal, soft toy etc.  The child is encouraged to collect a physical item which remind them of their parent/grandparent etc (photo, trinket, personal item) to put into the backpack so when feeling sad about the impending or recent loss of their loved one, the child can go to their backpack to touch, feel etc. those special items that connected them.  This can be a very important part of the grief process for the child.  Information about the Foundation can be found at The Mary Potter Foundation