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Message of Support

The South Australian policing community has suffered a number of successive tragic events over a terribly short period of time. On behalf of all members of Cops for Kids, we express our sympathy to those who have suffered such devasting loss, grief and injury. 

We send our deepest condolences to the family of Brevet Sergeant Jason Doig who served his community faithfully for many years. His loss is shattering to the local South-East community and to all members of Police Services throughout Australia. 

Our thoughts are also with Sergeant Michael Hutchinson for his speedy recovery and with Constable Rebekah Cass. Both have experienced a life altering traumatic incident which all police train for but hope never to encounter. 

We offer our profoundest condolences and comfort to Grant, Emma and the entire Stevens family for the heart-breaking loss of their son and brother.  As parents, the protection and welfare of your children is at the forefront of your life every day.  To lose a child in such distressful circumstances affects numerous families and the entire community. Police Commissioner Grant Stevens is a long-time champion of Cops for Kids and has shown incredible leadership during challenging and difficult times.

We are aware of another recent loss within the blue family and extend our sympathies to loved ones affected. We remind all members support is available to serving SAPOL members and their families through the SAPOL Employee Assistance Section.

Community support is also available through Blackdog Institute, Beyond Blue, or Headspace.  Reach out and there will be assistance.