Women’s and Children’s Foundation – ‘Laklinyeri’ Beach House

$13,700 has been donated to The Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation in support of the ‘Laklinyeri’ Beach House, South Australia’s first purpose-built holiday home for families with children with complex medical needs or in palliative care.  Our donated funds have been used to purchase some urgently needed equipment that will be used by the attending families and the nursing staff.

The Beach House is a special place for children and their families to relax and create happy memories together.  Sadly, for most families using the house, it may be the last time their families will be whole.  A link to the Beach House can be found at wchfoundation.org.au/the-beach-house


Building connections to the Ngarrindjeri-Ramindjeri people and country, to acknowledge the traditional landowners where the Beach House is located, was very important to the WCH Foundation.

As a tribute to traditional custodians of the local area, the Beach House also has an Aboriginal name — Laklinyeri.  Ramindjeri artist, Cedric Varcoe, explains the meaning of Laklinyeri.

“Laklinyeri alludes to many things relating to family; close family and the larger grouping of families related through kinship, stories, songs and dance. The name denotes a sense of belonging to all of the family, your place and interconnections with each other, the land, the place and the life in that place. Laklinyeri encompasses the heart, the mind, the sense of being. Everything continues to be connected through time.”

CFK has been a long-term supporter of the WCH and the WCH Foundation.  We have now donated over $137,000 to the Foundation since the inception of CFK.